My Facebook Ticker is Gone! – How to Disable / Remove and Block it (TIMELINE)!

Remember what I wrote before about FB Ticker? Finally, I was able to figure out how you can kick the Ticker stream status / notification of Facebook (Facebook Ticker, at list hide it somewhere to the hell :D ). Now, I glad that I’m not a stalker anymore. How to do this? Here is the simple tutorial to disable or remove FB Ticker.

Note: some of facebook users also name it this ticker as TIMELINE. Might be because it would update like a stream continuously without an end in every second.

Please use Google Chrome, or other Chromium Browser such as Comodo Browser (at this tutorial we used Comodo Browser as Chromium base browser). If you don’t have it, just download and install one of them. Here are the steps you had to follow:

Download the Chrome extension from Chrome web store called as AdBlock (click the link to go there). Add to your Chromium browser and install it.

Go to your Facebook Home page and start to block your annoying Ticker.

Click the Adblock on the top right of the browser > Click “Block an Ads on this page”

You’ll see an adblock windows pop up appears with “Click the ads and I’ll walk you through blocking it

Click the ticker, and you’ll see the ticker are gone. If it’s still appears, slide the slider to the right until you see the blocked element with

This is what look like if the slider get to right and reach the blocked element for

If you slide more, even you can hide the all sidebar including the facebook chat window friends list.

And this is the look like the blocked ticker in home page if you set “hide the sidebar windows” as the default settings (not on sidebar)

Click the “look good” button and the you’ll see a windows like this then click the “Block it” button.

Done! This is the look of my Facebook Home page when the ticker was already gone.

Otherwise you can add the element manually via Adblock Options.

Note: Remember by doing this only means that you wouldn’t see the ticker on your side, but yet the activities of yours in Facebook still able to be known by others from their Tickers Stream.