Google Talk Emoticons Gmail Google+ Plus Chat Hidden Icons Shortcut Keys Symbols

Just like others Instant Messenger, Google Talk also has a bunch of Emoticons that can be used during IM activities in GTalk Window IM. We have share Emoticons from several Popular Instant Messenger such as Yahoo Messenger Emoticons has hidden Emoticons, Skype Emoticons has hidden Skype Emoticons, Face Book Emoticons has hidden symbols shortcut keys Emoticons, and also Windows Live Messenger Emoticons. All with their Shortcut keys and Symbols.

Below is the Google Talk Emoticons aka GMail Chat Emoticons with its name and Symbol

Update: Google+ Chat hidden Emoticons (Google Plus G+ Chat)

~=[,,_,,]:3 (the Nyan Cat)
:3 (cat)
:(:) (pig)
:(|) (monkey)
V.v.V (crab)
+/'\ (cowbell)
[:|] (robot)
}:-) (devil)
\m/ (rock out)
<3 (heart)
>.< (wince)
:-x or :* (kiss)
:{ (mustache)

Wanna know the detail look of each GPlus emoticons? Just find it at here.

Note: even though it seems that the GTalk emoticon and Google+ are the same, but some of the hidden emoticons such as for nyan chat only works in Google+ chat, and wouldn’t works on Gmail Chat or GTalk.

Google Talk GMail Chat Emoticons

:D – grin

:( – frown

x-( – angry

B-) – cool

:’( – crying

=D – big smile

=) – big grin

:-| – straight face

;^) – big nose

;-) – wink

:-) – smile w/nose

:-/ – skeptical

:P – sticking tongue out

:-o – shocked

<3 – heart

:(|) – monkey

\m/ – rock out

lobster – V.v.V

:(:) -piggy / pig

(thank to hi for remembering me)

>.< – a mad dude

</3 – a broken heart

~@~ – POOP hehe

:{. – a guy in a mustache

:* – a kiss face

}:-) – a devil

\m/ – a music box or a rock hand

[:|] – a robot

Remember, you may need to use shift key pressed for some of GTalk Emoticons.

How to use Google Talk Icons

Just type in GTalk IM windows the symbol or shortcut key with your keyboard and then press enter. Done.