Google Talk GTalk for iPhone Mobile Messenger

If you have iPhone and you usually use GTalk or Google Talk as your main Instant Messenger Service, We believe you should install Google Talk for your iPhone device. Yes, you can chat with all of your friends of Google Talk buddies on your iPhone.

The new version of Google Talk is designed specifically for the iPhone and runs in the iPhone’s browser, so you don’t need to download or install anything.

To use GTalk just visit on your iPhone’s browser (Must be open in Safari Browser), you can start chatting. Google Talk for iPhone is browser based, so it will work on today’s iPhones as well as on tomorrow’s 3G iPhones. Or you can also visit Google Talk iPhone Page and sent the link directly to your iPhone Mobile device from there.

Features Available in GTalk for iPhone

Chat with your Google Talk contacts in real time. Send and receive instant messages in chat sessions with your contacts.* Move easily between multiple open chats.View and search for your Google Talk contacts.
See the availability and status message of your contacts and change your own status on the go.
Go off the record if you don’t want to store your chats. Off the record chats are not stored on Gmail.

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