Google Talk Invisible Detector GTalk Invis Checker

Unlike Yahoo Messenger Invisible Detector that has many Yahoo Tools to detect the invisible status message using both Invisible Checker via Website or use Software or Program, it is difficult to find any Google Talk Invisible Status Detector aka GTalk Invis checker. We’ve been searching in the internet and didn’t find any website that supports or provides Google Invisible Detector. Though, there are two kind of method that you can proceed to attain invisible checker of Gtalk.

Use Offline Message Bug to Detect Invisible Status of Google Talk

In fact, we just write this method to detect invisible status of google talk without testing it is works or not at this time. Here is the tricks (we got from – image taken from there either):

  • First make and Instant Message with the user that you wanna check the status whether he is online in invisible mode or offline
  • Then before sending the message choose on option “Go Off the Record”
  • Send the message to the targeted user
  • If your receive the message in red ” did not recieve your chat” that means he is truly offline, otherwise if you didn’t get and “red message” that means he (the user) is online in invisible status (see the image below)

Using Script to Detect Invisible Gtalk Status

The second is using script that you must compile and use it to attain the tool to check the invisible status checker of google talk (note: we don’t tested this method, don’t complain to us, if it is not working)

For full understanding how to use this google talk invisible script you can visit here.