Use Multiple GTalk ID aka Google Talk Polygamy

First of  all, We would say that this trick of creating Multipe Identities of Google Talk or sometime called as Google Talk Polygamy we found from viprysys forum. We did not tested this trick at all, so we not sure if this Multi ID trick would works properly or not.

[HOW TO] Use multiple identities on Google Talk

Want to run Google Talk with multiple Gmail identities? If you have several Google Gmail accounts you also may want to run multiple instances of Google Talk This is especially important for families that share a single PC. Nothing worse than a family member signing you out so they can sign in under their own account!
Basically, to have “Google Polygamy” you need to run Google Talk with the following switch: /nomutex

  • Step 1: Right-click on the desktop
  • Step 2: Select New
  • Step 3: Select Shortcut
  • Step 4: Paste this into the text box:
    “c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex
  • Step 5: Click Next and choose a shortcut name such as Google Talk1, Google Talk2, or something related to your Gmail account for easy remembering which account is which.
  • Step 6: Click OK a few times.

Note: We copy paste the tricks from here.