Use Youtube Video in Gmail Chat / Google Video

We just found a good new for you relating with Google Talk in mail aka Gmail Chat. The new ability feature of Gmail chat now can be used to embed the video from Youtube in IM window.  This means you can share your favorite video from Youtube Video sharing with your friend. It also supports Google Video  Sharing.

How to use  Youtube Video in Gmail Chat IM window with friend

If you want to watch video from youtube in Gmail chat with your friend, all you have to do just sent the links of Youtube video in IM window and then send it to your friend by pressing “Enter”.  The video would appears in small embedded pop up.

After your sent the Video link, your friend would sees that their IM window has a thumbnail preview of the Youtube Video, and then he / she can click the play link. After that another box would appears inside of Gmail that would play and streams the Video.

Easy, isn’t it?