Google+ Hangout in Gmail replaces Gmail Video Chat

The Hangout feature available on Google+ is one of the leading Video Call technology at this day. For Yahoo Messenger Video Call for example, it still only capable to used face to face aka cam to cam process which mean I see you, you see me. It involves only 2 people. Unlike this kind of C2C the Hangout on Google+ is able to simultaneously make video chat with almost 10 people at once. This is something that Yahoo Messenger can’t handled. It might due to this kind of Multiple Video chat need a huge server base. On the contrary the conventional Video Call uses Peer to Peer technology.

The great news is Google Plus Hangout is now available in Gmail. Furthermore, it would replace the Gmail Video Chat.

Gmail Hangout would also means that you can make a collaboration works while you can talk, share document, make a text message chat like you do in the real Conference Room or Meeting Room. You can even Hangout not only with your gmail’s contact but also your Google+ friends. It can be done via Computer Desktop (PC) with Mac OS, Windows OS, or Linux; with Android Smartphone or iOS device (iPhone / iPad) and more.

Peer to Peer vs Hangout Server Base Security Issue

By not using peer-to-peer technology, this also means your IP address would be covered and would be quite hard for anyone to detect your IP. P2P is a kind of naked IP aka your IP would be revealed to your partners. It is because it used direct connection IP to IP. But the Gmail Hangout serves via google server, which means your Internet Protocol wouldn’t appears to other users.

How to Use Gmail Hangout?

No need to make a introduction. Just watch the Video of Gmail Hangout below.

Notice: Gmail Hangout is a rolling out service. It might that your gmail account is not offered this Hangout feature right now, but it will surely available soon for your account. Just wait