Google+ Hangout – Multiple Video Calling [How to Make / Use Tutorial]

Before Facebook officially announced about Facebook Video Calling, Google with his Google+, the Social Networking, already announced about Google+ Hangout that works exactly like Video Calling but with enhanced capability to make Video Conference with up to 10 people at once. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to give you an example of how to use this Hang Out feature with 2 people or more due to our lack of friend list that we are able to invite, but we gave you how to do Hangout by step by step instruction as cam to cam Video Calling. Are you ready?

Google Hangout Multiple Video Calling (Conference) Tutorial

Update: We try to hangout with 3 people, you can see the screenshot at “Hangout” tab.

Note: This steps should be followed by anyone who already had Google+ account, if you still don’t have it yet, we recommend that ask your friend to Invite yourself to Google+.

Go to your Google+ Home and on the right sidebar you can see the “Start a hangout” button. Click this button to start it first.

If you are the first time use this Hangout Features of Google+, you may need to install the Google Voice and Video Plugin Application to your desktop Computer. It supports Mac OS, Windows (XP, Vista,7) and Linux. Click “Install Plugin” button to complete the download process and installation.

Install Plugin for your Hangout. Click one again on “Install Plugin” button, and wait.

Downloading Google Voice and Video Chat and Installing it

Installation of Google Voice and Video Chat Complete. Now you can go back to the #1 step and click “Start a hangout” button one again.

You’ll see a New browser appears and you’ll see your own webcam just like this one. Choose the circle that you wanna start to hang out, and click “Hang out” button.

This is the look of you Hang out “online mode” before anyone join with you yet. After this you can start to hang out / video calling with your circle friend and share Youtube, make a chat, invite, talk or else.

The look of your Google+ Stream when you are hanging out with “Join this hangout” button.

You are ready to hangout. Sorry, right now we only can make this limit, we are out of friends circle that use Webcam hangout video call due to the limitation of Google+ on Inviting Friends. We update as soon as possible about this with more friend in Hang out Video Call.

This is the look of your stream when you are hung out with friend (after you finished).