Google+ Plus Chat Hidden Emoticons (GPlus Emote) Shortcut Key Code

First of all, I have to tell you that there are big differences on the matter of animation image between Gmail / GTalk Chat Emoticons and Google+ Chat Emoticons although the code aka shortcut key might be the same. There are also some shortcut key that would not work in G+ Chat but work Gmail Chat and vice versa. See the image below to see the “differences” between those two: right side are emoticons on Gmail chat and on the left side are emoticons look at Google Plus Chat.

Google Plus Chat Hidden Emoticons

As you can see above, on Gmail chat emoticons side, the nyan cat, the cowbell, cat emoticons do not turn automatically into animation image. On the other hand, on G+ Chat, the robot emoticon also doesn’t work.

Note: Actually we had shared about this Google Plus hidden emoticons on our older post (updated version), but without the look like of animation image. At here, we would gave you a better way to know each of emoticon of G+ Chat and also its shortcut key.

Google Plus Chat Hidden Emoticons
No Emoticons Shortcut Key Description
1 ~=[,,_,,]:3 Nyan Cat
2 :{ Mustache
3 :3 Cat
4 :(:) Pig
5 :(|) Monkey
6 V.v.V Crab
7 -<@% Bumblebee
8 +/’\ Cowbell
9 \m/ Rock Out
10 <3 Heart
11 </3 Broken Heart
12 }:-) Devil Vampire Satan
13 >.< Wince
14 :-x or :* Kiss