Using Bold Italic Strikethrough Letter in Google+ Stream & Comment

We just found an interesting features which supported in Google+ Stream and also Google+ Comment form, just exactly like the way you can use it in Google Talk or in Facebook Chat. It is the ability to make Bold letter, Italic and also Strikethrough just like you type in Microsoft Word or other Message Editor such as LibreOffice or Open Office. Here are the tricks and steps that you had to follows in order to do that

To create Bold all you need just using asteric (*star) in front of the text letter and after the text letter, so do if you wanna make Italic by using underscore (_)or for Strikethrough by using minus symbol (-). For example:

Using Bold: *MessengeRoo*
Using Italic: _MessengeRoo_
Using Strikethrough: -MessengeRoo-

You can see the result would change the combination of asteric and underscore to like this:

In comment form you can also do like this:

Double combination Bold and Italic: _*MessengeRoo*_
Combination Strikethrough and Italic: -_MessengeRoo_-
Triple Combination Strikethrough, Italic and Bold: -_*MessengeRoo*_-

Press “Post comment” button and the text would turn to like this: