Against Keylogger to Protect Your IM’s Account

Most of lamer used Keylogger to steal you Instant Messenger Account. According to our experience, many of Yahoo Users ask us how to steal / crack Yahoo Password and others told us their account had been hacked and want it back (other case their Facebook Account had been stolen). This IM how to, would help you to protect your IM account, especially when you use Shared Computer (it could be in college or in your office).

Any Computer that been installed Keylogger (in purpose or just because a trojan virus), would be very vulnerable to be used. It because all the activities that you been doing in computer, would be completely known by the keylogger. At the most dangerous case, they send the data of the logs to the lamer by using Internet (sending via email or to store at webhosting that can be access only by the cracker). If that happened, all you had to do just say, bye bye to your account!

If the lamer don’t want to lock your account, usually they just sent an email spam with your IM account or send Instant Message through your IM client to any contacts list name that available in your account. If this happened, to handle it just simple: Change your IM Password, but if they changed your password, there nothing you can’t do!

To avoid or to be careful to used a Shared Computer that you’d been suspiciously had a keylogger. All you had to do just simply! Never type your password by using keyboard keys. Never hit any keys on your keyboard to enter your password.

Instead of using keyboard, you got the alternative ways to avoid the keylogger activities. This we tested, very good against any keylogger: Copy paste your password, letter by letter from any text that available. For example, you can open any web page than if you password was K4yKooL3, just find the letter available in the text of the web page then copy paste it one by one!. If you had a trouble finding the proper letter for your password, you can prepare / create a sentence or paragraph that contain the letter, than save it in text (notepad). Now copy paste the combined letter one by one till it make your password! This also means typing using copy paste instead of using keybord keys :D