Change Avatar / Display Image in Yahoo Messenger

To Change Avatar or usually also called as Display Image in Yahoo Messenger, you can follow the steps like this:
Change Yahoo Messenger Avatar Display Image

  1. Go to Yahoo Messenger (You have to login to Yahoo Messenger / You can’t change avatar if you are in offline condition)
  2. Then Go to “Messenger” >> “My Display Image” or just press Ctrl + Shift + F8
    A New Windows would appears with a caption “My Display Image”
  3. There are three option that you can choose: Do not share a display image / avatar, Share my Picture and Share my Avatar.
    What the different between “My Picture” and “My Avatar” is My Picture use a static image like jpg format, or bmp format that can be obtained from local disk storage, but My Avatar is an dynamic animation image (flash) that can be made from Yahoo Avatar Features.
  4. Choose on of them ( if you want to change the Picture just click “select” button, if you want to change the Avatar, just click “customize” button).
  5. Done!

Congratulation, now you have a New Avatar / Display Image of Yahoo Messenger