ChatZilla – IRC Chat Client Mozilla FireFox Add Ons

If Yoono FireFox Add Ons can be used as Chat Client for Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and AIM aka AOL Messenger, ChatZilla is Mozilla FireFox Add Ons that built and design as IRC Chat Client (Internet Relay Chat). With ChatZilla from your FireFox Internet Browser you can chat in IRC Room or with your friend of IRC or other users without need to open MiRC or others IRC Chat Client.

Features in ChatZilla IRC Chat Client

Features available in ChatZilla include multiple servers join and list built in, Channel Search and Sort, Loggin, DCC Chat, File Transfer feature, JavaScript Plugins and CSS Styling.

ChatZilla is a cross platform messaging client that combines Internet Relay Chat (IRC) with existing web standards like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. If you don’t know any of this stuff don’t worry, you don’t have to. ChatZilla is easy to use

Download ChatZilla FireFox Add Ons

ChatZilla is freeware, you can download directly at Mozilla FireFox Add Ons. For further information about ChatZilla FireFox Chat Client Add ons, just visit official website of ChatZilla.

Download ChatZilla: ChatZilla