Free IRC Chat Client for BlackBerry – jmIrc (J2ME)

You looking for Java Chat Client for IRC? You have to read my article discussing Java IRC Client PJIRC. This post We created to discuss another Java Client of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) but for Mobile Phone or Mobile Application. This IRC for Mobile Phone Client called as jmIRC.

Though jmIrc is Java Mobile IRC Client, this post actually We plan to answer some question that want to install IRC Client on BlackBerry Mobile Phone (Smart Phone) and then we suggest to install jmIrc on their BlackBerry for the IRC Chat Client Solution.

jmIrC – Free IRC Client on BlackBerry

Yes, with jmIrc you can chat through IRC Server using your BlackBerry Mobile Phone.

mIrc is a J2ME MIDlet allowing ie. cell phone owners to use IRC wirelessly. It should work on any device supporting MIDP 1.0 and also supports connecting through HTTP proxy server on phones that don’t support the Java socket API.

The good news is jmIrc under GPL License. That means you can use it freely.

Download jmIrc for Blackberry IRC Chat Client

You can download jmIRC Blackberry IRC Client from your mobile phone Browser by visiting the url . Just open your mobile internet browser and type that url. Remember the url is case sensitive. Otherwise if you use Desktop Computer, You can download jmIRc for BlackBerry from the link that we give you below:

Free Download jmIRC for BlackBerry IRC Client: Download

For further Information how to install on your BlackBerry or other Mobile Phone you can visit the official website of jmIrc at