Free IRC Client for Nokia 9500 – jmIrc (J2ME)

If you looking for IRC / MiRC client for your Nokia 9500 Mobile Phone, you may try jmIrc ( Java Mobile Phone Relay Chat) Client (J2ME). With jmIrc you can chat like you are using IRC Client such as MiRC directly from your Nokia 9500 Communicator Mobile Phone.

IRC Client for Nokia 9500 Features

You can make a chat and also join room by using jmIrc from you Nokia 9500. Another common features are nickname, server location picker and many more.

Download jmIrC for Nokia 9500

You can download jmIRC IRC Client from your Nokia 9500 mobile phone Browser by visiting the url . Open you Nokia 9500 Web Browser then type the url. You can also download IRC Client for Nokia 9500 from your Computer and then install it manually.

Free Download IRC Client for Nokia 9500: Download