Free Java IRC Client for Website Forum – PJIRC

If you looking for IRC Client that can be installed in your website or forum or blog for free (Open Source), you can try the Java IRC Client called as PJIRC — stands for “Plouf’s Java IRC Client”.

Originally, PJIRC wasn’t supposed to become a popular java irc client. It was just a little test to know whether I (Plouf) was able to help some friends at the designing of a little webchat application for their website: Mandragor.

So PJIRC was used as a webchat for Mandragor, using the DWChat irc network. Soon after, DWChat decided to use it on their official websiste. Since DWChat was close to Apinc, a non-commercial internet association, some of the websites it was hosting started to use PJIRC as well. In order to offer some support to those people, a mailing list was created.

Today, PJIRC is a very complete Java IRC Client. It can be run from an applet, but can also be executed from any “stand alone” java virtual machine.

Features Available in PJIRC Java IRC Client

Just like common IRC Clients, this Website Base IRC Client has also several features such as: Highlight support, ASL handling, Graphical bitmap used for smiley’s, Nickname auto completion, Nick, channel and URL catcher, Sound support, Multilingual support, Esthetical options such as background image, per-channel color configuration, and so on…

Installing PJIRC Java IRC Client for Website / Server

All you have to do is Upload all the files to your website server. You can use file manager uploader (for cpanel) or use FTP Client such as Filezille or else, to upload the PJIRC Installation Files. Done

Download Free Java IRC Client for Web

As you know, PJIRC is Free Software with Open Source License. Therefore you can download it and use it freely.

Download PJIRC