NoNameScript – mIRC Ads Block Remove, Anti Nukers, Anti Popups, Tweak, Anti Lamer

Internet Relay Chat or IRC is the most Popular Instant Messaging Service. With IRC we can connect easily without need to make a registered Account. And of course the IRC Client that usually used among IRC users is mIRC (The most Popular IRC Chat Client). Unfortunately, IRC (used mIRC as IRC Client) there are a lot of lamer or script kiddies that use iRC to make an spam or alot of pop up spam and also annoying message. Therefore, NoNameScript, the enhancement of mIRC Client designed and developed to protect us from Unwanted Message, Advertisements and many more.

NoNameScript – mIRC Ads Blocker, Popup Blocker, Anti Lamer

As we told you above, NoNameScript is mIRC Tweaker and Enhancement that would help use to handle from annoying activities that came from Lamer or Scripts Kiddies, such as and Ads Message everywhere, million of popups, nukers, or other script war stuff.

With NoNameScript, it also means that more control in IRC and his channel available using this mIRC Tweaker Enhancement. This is not a tools for war tools, or nuker or such similir annoy stuff on IRC, NoNameScript focused on useful things such as away system with pager, ballon tips, customizable toolsbar, lag graph, Extensive channel, Personal Protection, BlackList, alarm timer, kick ban dcc history for protect Lamer Scripts and many more. Theme, Statistict, Exteded Channel Mode and ban control.

Download NoNameScript mIRC Tweaker

As long as we understand, NoNameScript is Freeware, so you can use and download it freely. But remember, to scan it with your computer before you use this mIRC Tweaker. It is compatible with all Windows Version. mIRC IRC Chat Client needed to install before use No Name Script. The Official Website of NoNameScript isĀ

Download: NoNameScript | NoNameScript at Softpedia