Free Jabber XMPP Client for Windows – V&V Messenger

XMPP or sometime also known as Jabber IM network is one of alternative Instant Messaging Protocol and service that you can find in the internet for your communication behavior with your colleague or friends. Of course you need an application or Chat client to use Jabber / XMPP (Gtalk, iChat, and also Facebook Chat use XMPP Jabber as their Chat IM Networks). One of the client that you can obtain for free (there a bunch of XMPP Jabber client available in the net, this is only one of them, if you wanna try another client, just browse the category of messengeroo blog at Jabber or XMPP categories at the widget) that we wanna share and discuss with you at this time called as V&V Messenger.

Features available in V&V Messenger

Just like common Jabber client, you can use V&V Messenger with your GTalk or Live Journal account (need to setting to GTalk preference Server, just like usual) and all supported Jabber XMPP protocol such as Facebook Chat or iChat also available, Notification Message Read, Conference Service and Bookmarks supported, User Profile, Buddies list, Spell Checking , File Transfer (both Peer to Peer aka direct transfer or using proxy), and many more.

Download V&V Messenger Jabber XMPP Client

You can download V&V Messenger at the links below:

Download V&V messenger [For Windows Users: XP, Vista, Windows 7 or older]

Official website of V&V Messenger: