Bopup IM: Level Up Your Business Real-Time Communications!

[Note: this is a guest post written by Ivan Negin] The majority of companies all over the world use the Instant Messaging (IM) and document collaboration systems daily. These systems help to solve a number of problems of different levels while being at the same time very convenient means of real-time connectivity between the employees. Communication and instant collaboration of the employees play one of the most important roles in business running and often prove to be basic factors of success.

Nowadays the market of corporate and business IM systems offers a wide range of software solutions to organize the environment for instant message exchange inside the local network of the company, between its offices and divisions. Such solutions, aimed for the use in business environments, should correspond and answer to safety regulations as well as reliability and quality requirements, which is a common standard in this sphere. Therefore the majority of corporate instant messaging systems suggest the following key functionality for the real-time communication:

  • Reliable encryption of all transmitted data in order to avoid information leakage
  • Instant document delivery, file exchange between the employees
  • Displaying of the current status, “visibility” of every signed up user on the IM network
  • Support of Active Directory/LDAP environments for maximum compatibility and integration
  • Uniting employees into groups to make resolving capacity management and subsequent sending of data easier, etc.

When the company faces the necessity in an efficient and secure IM system, the question of the right choice among the wide range of presented on the market solutions arises. Apart from functionality of the messaging system itself it is also important whether it can be easily and quickly deployed and integrated into the existing infrastructure as well as what mechanisms are provided in the software on deploying and installing its new versions and updates.

Bopup IM system by B Labs company is based on a client/server platform which gives a possibility of centralized management, user’s authorization and total control of the whole Instant Messaging system. Bopup Communication Server keeps the complete correspondence archives and transferred documents between the employees with an option of search of the sent messages and files. The server also stores and transmits all the offline data to the employees the addressees of which were not in their working places. These can be both regular text messages and sent documents and files. With the help of a built-in tool for importing accounts from Active Directory there appears a possibility to create the users’ database on the communication server in the matter of minutes.

Still, what functions and features single out Bopup instant messaging system out of a number of similar corporate and business IM applications on the market?

Bopup Communication Server includes an inbuilt functionality of the system of the scheduled message delivery, emergency notifications (News Messaging) as well as file and document assignment to the employees (File Distribution). The delivery system allows create lists of messages which will be sent at the specified time or with set regularity. Such scheduled messages can be automatically delivered to the employees of your choice or to several departments simultaneously. The assignment of the files from the server allows solve the problem with transmission of the important documents, presentations and any other data to particular users. You only have to load the files on the server, choose the recipients and the data will be distributed by the system instantly to the users who are online or as soon as they are online. File distribution functionality makes it possible to adjust the transmission in such a way for it not to be cancelled by the employee and the data will be opened automatically or executed on the user’s computer.

Deployment and installation of updates and new versions for the messenger software from the Instant Messaging server is also important. It is often difficult to organize the upgrading of software on a large number of workstations during the appearance of a new version. Bopup Communication Server solves this problem by means of uploading setup package on the server and automatic upgrading of messengers during their initial connection. The server also offers a unique functionality for customization and “branding”, which lets upload a company’s logo on the server for it’s embedding and showing in the client-side IM applications.

About B Labs

Starting from 2000, B Labs deals with the development of software systems in the sphere of instant messaging and real-time communication. The aim of the company is to present efficient and innovative software solutions for the organization in terms of safe exchange of messages, data and documents transmitting between the users in local networks of small offices, companies of small and medium business as well as in large corporate networks.


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