OfficeSIP Messenger – Free IM Client for Office / Enterprises

If you noticed early on this blog, you must be knew that there are at least two article discussing about Instant Messenger Client for Enterprises or Businesses. Both of them are written by the guest author. That means its outsider writer aka not us and it’s not Free Proggy. But, at this time we would give you an Instant Messenger for Enterprises aka Business with Free.

As long as we understood, we can categorize the IM for Business as LAN Messenger. It because of the Messenger only works on small part of building that connected using Local Area Networks.

Introducing OfficeSIP Lan Messenger for Enterprises

OfficeSIP is FREE Instant Messaging for Enterprises. The good news with this FREE IM LAN Messenger is: almost all features that usually need to be available in the Instant Messenger Service are available in OfficeSIP. Features such as Video Webcam Sharing /Webcam Chat, Voice Sharing /Voice Messaging aka Voice Chat, Text Messaging, File Transfer and also VoiP Service also available. It use Server to operate it, that means it not serverless.

OfficeSIP Messenger is based on industry-standard libraries used by Microsoft Office Communicator, providing robust, reliable operation in business environment. Thanks to the high-quality code, OfficeSIP Messenger ensures the highest level of compatibility with audio clients and Web cameras, and provides landline-quality calling for both voice and video.

Unlike other enterprise instant messengers and communicators, OfficeSIP Messenger is entirely server-based, allowing administrators to enter, store and modify all settings, configurations, and user profiles on a corporate server. IM users will benefit from a single sign-on after logging in to the corporate domain. Active Directory support allows the IM system getting information about the users directly from the server’s domain controller.

Download OfficeSIP for Free

You can download OfficeSIP by visiting the official download page at here. For installation manual or if you need to help how to install and use it just visit the official website of OfficeSIP at here. Enjoy