Art Sender – Send ASCII Art to Yahoo Messenger and MySpace IM

Do you want to send message with ASCII art to your buddies / friends through Yahoo Messenger or MySpace IM like this one (Yahoo Messenger):

Or this one (MySpace IM)?

You just need a free software called as Art Sender to do that job. With just a single click you can make a lot of ASCII Arts (Picture of Animal, Greeting, Person, Love, Sports, Military Stuff, Cartoon, Flower and many more) to your friends. It works properly in Yahoo Messenger (Version 8, Version 9 and Version 10) and also MySpace IM.

Free Download Art Sender for Yahoo Messenger and MySpaceIM

You can download it from the official site at or from links below:

Download Art Sender V2.1.0 directly: Download
Download Art Sender V2.1.0 at 4shared: Download
Download Art Sender V2.1.0 at 2shared: Download
Download Art Sender V2.1.0 at RapidShare: Download

How to Use Art Sender / Tutorial

Just click the Art Sender Button [À], choose the category that you want, then choose the folder, and pick the ASCII Art. Push Send Art to Send to your friends the ASCII Art or View Art to View it first (See the image above)

Note: If your friends use another client (unofficial clients such as Yahaven, Yazak, YahElite, or else – Multi Protocol Messenger likes Pidgin or Miranda IM, Web Base Messenger likes Meebo, or Mobile Messenger likes Nefanasa) of Yahoo Messenger, it seems that Art Sender did not work properly.