Best Instant Messenger Forum on The Net – DarkYahoo Viprasys and Others

If you are following us by reading one by one of the articles that available in MessengeRoo, might be you knew that We got some articles or Messenger Tools from Messenger Forum. At this times, for reward of the forum that We ever visit and take the advantages from its, We will give, in Our Opinions, some of the Big or Best Instant Messenger Forum Available in The Net. Here are two of them:


Viprasys is huge forum that has fanatic users. Viprasys seemly concentrated to discuss Yahoo world, especially Yahoo Messenger. In there we would find some thread that discussing Yahoo Messenger Boot aka Yahoo Boot, Yahoo ID Maker, Yahoo Chat Clients, and in general all Yahoo Tools. Buy and Sell the Unique Yahoo ID sometimes also calls barter for TOS, is also available in there. The Best Part Joining Viprasys forum is, the Yahoo Tools or Software that want to post or share in there must be “assured” SAVE and Free from malicious thing. We have to scan it first via Virus Scan Online such as or else, before its allowed to post in. And another best part is no Ads in Viprasys!

According to Alexa Ranking (per October 27th 2008) Viprasys has 11.478 Rank. If We not mis-guess, it almost make 70.000 – 200.000 Page Impression per Days. What a Huge Traffics! We, Personally, even not every day visit viprasys also one of the members of Viprasys.

Note: change their domain to

Lack of Viprasys: In our opinion, too many image in member signature, makes Viprasys loads slow then usual forum. And the last? Why only discussing Yahoo Messenger. We see only other post of few Instant Messenger Services available in there. AIM, MSN aka WLM not really discussing.

This is another forum that discussing Instant Messenger Services. In BigBlueBall its almost all of Major Messenger Services discussed in there: MSN aka WLM, Trilian (chat clients), AIM, Yahoo Messenger and other. We would tell you more about this forum coz We not even a member of this Messenger Forum.

Actually, is not a forum, its like Yahoo Tools shared. In our Opinion, DarkYahoo is very well known among Messenger users. Huge of Yahoo Tools shared in there. Unfortunately, We personally, Frequently find malicious thing in the software or messenger tools that been shared in there. So be ware before you run the software that you just downloaded from DarkYahoo. Unfortunately, this site is not available anymore at this time (October 27th 2008), we don’t find any reason why the owner close down the site.

According to s1nful, DarkYahoo Change their domain name to InsaneRealm.

ps: For each credit of the website forum, We dofollow the links to each url forum.