Beyluxe Messenger – Beyluxe Multi ID / Poligamy Software

Beyluxe Messenger is one of Instant Messenger Services (including text, voice and video chat) that available for you to join and used it with free. Beyluxe also has Chat Room that make you easier to make or find a new friend. Including common chat room list such as Love, Politic, Regional such as Canada, Asia, US and many more. Sharing video and make voice call between chat user (you and your friends), avatar, nickname, emoticons, also available in there (just like common chat services). it seem that beyluxe is affiliate with hichatter. We would not discuss about this IM services any more.

Download beyluxe clients

If you wanna download Beyluxe Chat Client just visit the download page here. Enjoy

Beyluxe Multi ID / Poligamy

If you want to chat more than one ID (2 or 3 or more Beyluxe ID) from your computer (one computer), you can use Beyluxe Multi ID Software below. In Yahoo Messenger, it sometime called as Polygamy ID.

Unfortunately, this multi of beyluxe can’t be join in the same room if you don’t use some kind of tricks. If you want to join in same room with your multi (blacks id), someone suggested to use proxy. It’s seem that only one computer with one IP allowed to join in one room (little bid different with yahoo chat room)

Download Beyluxe Multi

Just download at the links below (Please scan with your antivirus before you use it):

Beyluxe Multi at 4shared
Beyluxe multi at ziddu