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What is Fake Webcam? Fake Webcam is software of program that will allow us to use unreal webcam. Even, we can use any video file in our local computer to be viewed in Webcam Viewer. We can also have an ability to use Fake Webcam software to replace the real webcam. This means, we do not need to have a webcam to make a webcam in our Instant Messenger. This Fake Webcam will work at any service of IM Services: Yahoo Messenger, MSN aka Windows Live Messenger, AIM aka AOL Messenger.

How to use Fake Webcam Yahoo Messenger Windows Live Messenger AOL

Fake Webcam In Yahoo Messenger

To use Fake Webcam we need to have a video file that will be used as a relay webcam. This file will by pass the real webcam and will view in Webcam Viewer of Yahoo Messenger or Webcam Viewer or Windows Live Messenger or AOL. Usually the video format use avi, but its not limited only to this format. First you can record your webcam first then you can play in Fake Webcam or You can use a beautiful woman or handsome webcam person to be you disguise Webcam. Your friend will recognize and view that your are a beautiful woman or handsome person, even your are not. You can also use Fake Webcam Yahoo Messenger as video sharing in Instant Messaging Service.

Free Download Fake Webcam Trial Version

Fake Webcam In Windows Live Messenger

Fake Webcam In Windows Live Messenger

Unfortunately, There are no Fake Webcams Software that has freeware license. All that We can found is only Trial Version of Fake Webcam Software. Off course, the Trial Version always has a limitation. If you have plenty of money, We suggest you to buy Fake Webcam, to achieve Full Version Edition. Though, it’s up to you to decide buy full version or use trial version. Below We give you a download link of Trial Version of Fake Webcam.

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If you want to buy the Full Version of Fake Webcam, You can order from the Trial Version Link, or just buy from the link that We give you below:

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