International Emoticons Keyboard Keys Standard Needed!

Base on personal experience, we faced that using different protocol or different Messenger Service, we face with different shortcut keyboard keys of Emoticons that we should use. For example if you use keyboard shortcut keys like “=))” in Yahoo Messenger, the code keyboard shortcut would automatically turn into emoticon animation / image like this “” (rolling on the floor/lol/laughing out loud), but if you used it in Facebook Chat the shortcut code would turn to nothing (still the same code text letter that appears in Facebook chat / no emoticon appeared). This means that in Yahoo there is and Yahoo Messenger Emoticons that used that shortcut key but in Facebook Chat Emoticons there isn’t.

On the other hand, if you use Facebook Chat emoticons shortcut like this ” (^^^)” in Facebook Chat window, it would turn to an emoticon image like this ” ” (Shark Facebook Chat Emoticon), but if you use that shortcut keyboard key on Yahoo Messenger, it would turn into “nothing”.

Because of the “not the same” keys, we usually mistype what we should used the emoticon in Facebook Chat or in Yahoo Messenger. Sometime we didn’t realize that we used Yahoo Messenger emoticon shortcut key on Facebook Chat, and that happen also on reverse.

That make us thought that it is better that all Instant Messenger Protocol or Service had the “same” shortcut keys emoticons. This also means that it is better that we had an International Emoticons Keys Standard!

PS: It is not only happen between Facebook Chat and Yahoo Messenger, but it almost happen in All Messaging Protocol: Gtalk, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ, iChat, Skype, and others.