isAway – Web Page Personalized Away Messages of Instant Messenger

Just look at the picture that We gave you above. You can use your web browser to the page at and it would open the web page that has the content exactly just likes the picture above.

The Idea provided by is to make you unique / private / personalize web page for your status message that would allow to open in web browser (internet browser) just like you own your own web page.

By using personal subdomain address you can make an away message to your buddies of IM Services, such as at Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, GTalk, or others. Just add / attach the links to your Status Message (in our example use You can use your own nickname / name as your personal away address message on web page.

How to use

Just open the web page of at your browser and then enter your name in the box that available on it and then click on “Personalize”. Done!

Almost forget! Happy New Years of 2010!