KEmulator – Java Mobile Phone Emulator for PC (Mig33 Case)

KEmulator Java Mobile Phone Emulator for PC Mig33 Case

KEmulator is a Java Emulator that would help you to open a Java Mobile file (.jar extension) in your Desktop PC (Personal Computer) (Sometimes Java Mobile Emulator also refer to Java Mobile Phone Simulator; simulate Java Application of Mobile Phone on PC Personal Computer). This Emulator would allows you use Java Application or Java Games directly from your computer. In this case, we try to use Mig33 application to be use in KEmulator. Why mig33, it because Mig33 is Mobile Instant Messaging that only allow to use from Mobile Phone (and this blog discussed about Messaging!)

Using KEmulator with Mig33

First Download the KEmulator for Windows from here (mirror link at mediafire), after that, just extract the file (it been zipped) and then click KEmulator application at the folder KEmulator. Now you are ready to use the KEmulator. Let try to use Mig33 Java Mobile Application (download the Mig33 jar at here (Mig33 4.65 version).

Mig33 Testing on KEmulator

On the Windows of KEmulator click Midlet and the click Load Jar (pre-load setting for Mig33 application on KEmulator; 2D Graphic Engine: SWT-GDI+, 3D Graphic Engine: SWT-Open GL; View: Keypad, Screen Size Option: 460 x 500). And the open the Mig33.jar that you been downloaded and start to use it!

Chat Room List Mig33 on KEmulator

For Games Java Application on KEmulator

If you like to use KEmulator to run Java Game, as long as we experiences running with Heroes Lore Java Game, Pro Evolution Soccer jar Games, and also Lone Wolf, it also works properly!

Note: Mig33 also linked with Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and also Facebook. This means that Mig33 is Multi Protocol Messenger for Mobile Phone. We already share Mig33 for Android before.

Our PC Specs: Windows Vista OS Service Pack 2, 2GB RAM, 32 bit OS, Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz, Java Version