Make Internet Calls from Computer PC to Phone Free Services Include

Below is the list (Website and Tools) how you can make a call to phone including mobile phone or home phone that you can do from you computer just only using Internet. That means you don’t use a cellphone or handphone or any phone, you just use Internet Connection and you Desktop or Laptop or NoteBook or NetBook Computer.

  • Magic Jack – Most Call are Free .
  • Skype – PC to PC aka Skype to Skype Free Call, Need Charge for PC to Phone but cheaper that Phone to Phone
  • Yahoo! Voice – PC to PC Free using Yahoo Messenger Voice Talk, Need Charge for PC to Mobile Phone and else but in low cost
  • PalTalk – PC to PC and als PC to Phone
  • BuddyTalk
  • JaJah
  • DukaDial – North America Free Call
  • Voipcheap – Free Internet Calls (Limited)
  • sharpVoice
  • iConnectHere = PC to Pnone Calls
  • PC2Call – Prepaid Calls
  • YouTring – Free PC to PC, Cheap PC to Phone, International Calls available.
  • EvaPhone – Free VoiP Service PC to Cell Phone Home Phone all over the World
  • Net2Phone


  1. says

    hello, you mention the magic jack and it is a very great gadget. now for those business owners out there I have a very interesting for you. Most people like to buy locally. So how can you show that you’re local online, on your website, even when you’re not??

    Well all you have to do is buy a magic jack and select a phone number with the area code of the local city you’re trying to target even if you don’t live there and post that on your website. Voila you’re now looked at as if you are local.

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