RetroMessenger – Serverless, Secure encrypted, wxwidgets, Instant Messenger for PC, Mobile

RetroMessenger is Instant Messenger Application that doesn’t need server to make a chat between users. Therefore Retro Messenger called as Serverless Instant Messenger. With Serverless mode, RetroMessenger instead of need to store the messages over the server, Retro Messenger direct cross to transfer the Messages data to the users / chatter (Peer to Peer might be).

RetroMessenger does not need a central server. So the network never will be down or monitored by one central authority sending you adds or “weather notices”. With RetroMessenger you are not on anyones “needle”, you are only connected to your community.

Even without need a server, RetroMessenger is provides secure transfer data messages, because RetroMessenger applied an Encrypted Data.

RetroMessenger is encrypted out of the box, that means no difficult installation or extra-downloads for the encryption part is needed.

RetroMessenger compatible to be used  for PC, Mobile and Browser  Add Ons

You can install RetroMessenger in your Personal Computer aka PC, mobile phone for your mobile messenger, and even in your Browser by using it as an Add Ons Browser (Firefox / Thunderbird)

The success of RetroMessenger shows, that already as well in the team there are specialists for a XUL gui as well, to bring in the RetroMessenger in Firefox or Thunderbird as an XPI-Addon.

RetroMessenger can be also used in your mobile phone (including win/ linux mobile)

More and more you have Instant Messaging on you mobile phone, especially windows or open source linux phones like the openmoko or maemo. RetroMessenger is designed with a small tiny gui to fit these needs on mobile phones.

Retro Messenger License

Retro Messenger is an Open Source use GNU License.

OS Compatible

You can use RetroMessenger in Linux, or Windows, or else. Its OS Portable

Download RetroMessenger

Because RetroMessenger is Open Source, you can use it and download it freely. Its first open source serverless wxwidgets messenger.

Download RetroMessenger at SourceFourge