TalkAurora – Secure Privacy Chat Global Communicator

Found a new Messenger Service and with its chat client sometime give us a new experience in the Messenger World.  Just now, we found a new chat service called as TalkAurora. Why they named Aurora? We don’t know.  Here some quote that We got from TalkAurora official website:

TalkAurora Chat Client Window

TalkAurora is probably the only chat program on the net whose staff do not monitor (ghost) invisible in rooms or read your instant messages. TalkAurora cares about you and your privacy. TalkAurora is totally free from Adware.

TalkAurora Features

Features available in Talk Aurora Chat Messenger are: Free colorful nicknames, nickname with icons, modify your own text and voice room or banner by yourself, color text, chat privately and securely, play song, sent Instant Message to online and offline, Join Online Games and more.

Download TalkAurora

You can download TalkAurora here. To make sure your talkaurora client is up to date visit