Windows Vista DLL OCX Register Files Missing VistaRegOCX

If you face any missing files or unregistered file, usually from dll and ocx file when your running yahoo tools or any yahoo applications program in your windows Vista, you may need to register the dll or ocx files first before you install it.

To help you to register those files, you can use Vista DLL OCX Register Software.  Remember usually the dll file placed in you window system32. List of dll / ocx file that might need to register: fussionbutton.ocx, mswinsck.ocx, acskin4.ocx, YMSG12ENCRYPT.dll, comdlg32.ocx, Kewlbuttonz.ocx.

Download Vista Register ocx

You can download the register ocx file at the links below:

Download VistaRegOCX at 4Shared : Download
Download VistaRegOCX  RapidShared: Download
Download VistaRegOCX 2Shared: Download
Download VistaRegOCX ZShare: Download