HeySan – Web Base Browser Messenger Chat Client for Mobile Phone

heysan web base mobile messenger

Heysan is web base messenger that designed for Mobile Phone. That means You can use Heysan in your Mobile Phone without need to download. Just visit the heysan site from your mobile phone internet browser then star to chat inside you mobile phone. Heysan supports multi protocol messenger Service: Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN / WLM, Google Talk, MySpace IM and ICQ

How to use Heysan

If you want to use Heysan Web Base Multi Protocol Mobile Messenger, just open your mobile phone browser and choose and type the address below for :

MySpace Chat - m.heysan.com/myspace
ICQ Chat – m.heysan.com/icq
Google Talk – m.heysan.com/gtalk
Yahoo Messenger – m.heysan.com/yahoo
AIM – m.heysan.com/aim
WLM / MSN Messenger – m.heysan.com/msn

It support any kind of Mobile Phone: Windows Mobile, Java (J2ME), Symbian, Android, even iPhone or BlackBerry.