IgniteIM – Multi Protocol Instant Messaging for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

If you had an iPad (whether is WiFi or Wifi + 3G) or iPhone (3G or 4G Generation), or iPod Touch that already run using iOS 3.0 / higher (such as the latest version OS: iOS 4.2 Softwre), and you wanna use Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ or Windows Live Messenger to chat with in just ONE Client (usually called as All in One Chat Client), you can try IgniteIM Multi Protocol IM Application for your iPad iPhone or iPod Touch.

IgniteIM - Multi Protocol Instant Messaging for iPad iPhone and iPod Touch

As we said above, the Ignite IM would help you to connect to all of Instant Messaging Protocol that been supported, such as AOL Instant Messaging, ICQ, MySpaceIM, YM, GTalk, WLM and FB Chat. Of course you need to had each of the account of the IM Protocol.

Feature available in Iginite IM for iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch for IOS 3.0 or IOS 4.2 Software

The common feature that supposed to be available in IM client such as Friend List (Contact List), Avatar, Status Messages, Add and Remove Buddies / Friends, Emoticons, also available in Ignite IM. Another Features you can try including, supports Unlimited Account, Push Notifictaions, Landscape and Portrait Mode supported, Chat Windows, and many more.

Get IgniteIM for iTunes for Apple iPad iPhone iPod Touch

If you are using PC, and wanna download this IgniteIM Multi IM Client, you need to install iTunes Software before you can do that. But if you using iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, all you had to do just go to iTunes or Apps Store or just follow this download page of Ignite IM at here. (iTunes.apple.com)