IM Client that Use Video Share for Java Mobile Phone

If you wanna share your video through your Mobile Phone (Java environment) device with your friends, what Instant Messenger for Mobile Phone client that suit for you? For your need to use video (not video call) to share with your friends just like the way you share via youtube in your Java Mobile Phone, you can try the IM client called as RockeTalk.

As We ever told you before, RockeTalk is a kind of Multiple Mobile Instant Messenger Client Protocol that supports Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN aka Windows Live Messenger and more. RokeTalk also has their own community that you can have own page, gallery and add people as your friends.

You can download Rocket Talk at, if you want to download from getjar just follow this link.

Note: there are plenty of IM client that supports video share, but at this time we recommended RockeTalk for you Java Mobile.