Imania Messenger – Mobile Instant Messenger with BlueTooth

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I just got a kind “interesting” of feature in Mobile Instant Messenger called as Imania Messenger. Not like others Instant Messenger Mobile Client that usually used “others” IM Services such as Yahoo, AIM, Google or else, Imania Messenger is “independent” instant Messenger Service. It has own profiles, own IM service and others.

BlueTooth Instant Messenger

imania messenger with bluetooth connection

Of course as Instant Messenger, you need to connect to the internet to use Imania Messenger. But there is an interesting features in Imania Messenger that can be useful for free IM Service. Imania Messenger can connect (make communication text) using your mobile bluetooth. That means only with bluetooth we can make an IM’er with our friend. Though the space max for blue tooth only about 10 meter long. You can also use wifi.

The use of Imania Messenger only with bluetooth is completely free, and you will be able to communicate with your friends up to 10 meters of range.

Others Features in Imania Messenger: Send or Receive Archives, Images, or Video for Free (using UMTS/GPRS or others data would apply charge), IMS (Imania Message System), this is what we call as independent IM Services, Chat Long 1000 letters and more.

Download Imania Messenger

For Computer User that you want to transfer the Imania Application (java / symbian) from your mobile phone using your computer (cable data, bluetooth, infrared or else) you can download:

ImaniaJava.jar (rar extractor needed)

Download directly to your mobile phone you can use this link:
Imania Java

Official website:
Compatibility Mobile Phone: as long as your mobile phone works with java or symbian, Imania Messenger would great for you.