Mwah – Flirt Chatrooms, Pic Sharing, Blogs, Instant Messenger

Mwah is a kind of multiple service that works also with Multi Instant Messenger. That means you can use Mwah as some of the features that differ from IM services. Mwah can be used as a Blog, Horoscopes, Social Network and more. There is a unique Chat Room in Mwah called as Flirt ChatRooms.

We just want to talk about Mwah as Mobile Multi Instant Messenger. Mwah supports several popular IM Services such as MSN Messenger aka WLM, Yahoo Mesenger, ICQ, AOL messenger aka AIM, and Google Talk. Features relating with Multi IM in Mwah are Share Photos and ideas, profiles, Chat Room and more.

If you want to visit and use mwah from your desktop computer just go to or, but if you want to use Mwah from you mobile phone pointed your mobile browser to Remember you have to register first to be able to use mwah IM.