MXit – Mobile Instant Messenger + Social Networking

MXit is Mobile Instant Messenger that supports your Mobile Phone (all brands) and also in BlackBerry. MXit also include Mobile Social Networking. Therefore MXit is Instant Messenger with include Social Networking.

MXit is a next generation Mobile Instant Messenger that connects you to a world of expression, using both instant messaging and social networking. A streamlined hybrid created for an evolving world.

Like to create your own reality? MXit offers skinz, wallpapers, emoticons, music and much more to fully customize your IM experience.

Features in MXit Mobile Instant Messenger

Make IM, Theme aka Skin, Contact list, and most common IM Features available in Mixt. MXit available in three version. MXitPro, MXitElite, and MXitfor Black Berry.

MXit is a FREE instant messaging program for your mobile phone and PCs. This means that you can chat to other MXit users on their mobiles and PCs, anywhere in the world, for FREE.

It enables you to send and receive text messages to and from mobile phones and PCs via the Internet using GPRS or 3G, rather than by using standard SMS technology. So each time you chat you are allowed up to 1000 characters at a fraction of the cost of an SMS! MXit enables you to exchange messages with other users or most other online chat communities – anywhere, anytime!

Download MXit PC and Mobile Phone

You can download MXit Free Mobile Messenger from your mobile phone by visiting from your mobile browser and download it from there. Or you can visit and download the installer files.

To Download MXit:

  1. Activate/Enable GPRS or WAP profile via your network.
  2. Download MXit free from your mobile at
  3. Register
  4. For MXit support, send a mail to
  5. And enjoy!

You can also download MIXT for your Personal Computer / desktop Computer:
Download MIXT for PC