Nefanasa: Yahoo Messenger Client for Mobile Phone Java BlackBerry etc

If you have a trouble using Yamee, Ymess, YmTiny, it time to get the latest Yahoo Messenger Client that works for the latest Yahoo Messenger Protocol: Yahoo Messenger 10Protocol (YMSG17). You might already noticed that along with the latest update of yahoo protocol, many of yahoo messenger clients (including mobile client) are not working anymore because of this. I ever told you about this at here.

One of the software that works for this Yahoo Messenger Client for Mobile phone is Nefanasa YM Mobile Client.

Features in Nefanasa YM Mobile Client

The most important feature in Nefanasa is the ability to join Conference Room (including create, invite and join) that no others mobile client has this feature. Yahoo Messenger Status, Friends List, Emoticons (including the hidden emoticons) and more

Compatibility of Nefanasa

Nefanasa compatible at many of mobile phone, including symbian, java, blackberry and else. For example: Blackberry 8900, 900 Bold, 8310, 8320 , Motorola L6 and Nokia (Nokia 5130 Express Music for example), Samsung else. Sports J2ME, CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0. GPRS, HSDPA, 3G also supported

Free Download Nefanasa

Nefanasa is freeware software that you can download and use it freely.

Latest Version Nefanasa Version 2.4.0


Nefanasa with Yahoo Messenger 10 Protocol (YMSG17) : Nefanasa Yahoo Versi 2.3.12


Nefanasa with Yahoo Messenger 9 Protocol (YMSG16): Nefanasa Yahoo Version 2.2.46


Version 2.1.0 Rebuild supports Yahoo Messenger 8 Protocol (YMSG15)


Source: (official site of nefanasa)