Ping! New iPhone Messenger iPod Touch Chat

ping iphone messenger

Ping is iPhone’s exclusive Instant Messenger just likes in BlackBerry that has BlackBerry Messenger. This means Ping! is iPhone Messenger (compatible with iPod Touch / iPod Messenger). You can download Ping free through iTunes, yes it is currently free application.

Features in Ping! iPhone Messenger

Just like in BBM you can have account by only using Ping ID. Ping also offer you to chat with free (only charge your internet connection GPRS or else from your Cellular Operator). Unlike Yahoo Messenger or GTalk or common Instant Messenger, Ping do not need to login or logout, no need to create list of friends because you just need Ping ID. This also means you make chat iPhone to iPhone aka iPhone to iPhone Messenger. Another features relating with IM Services is about offline message.Offline Message also available, that would make you allow to read old message that been sent when you are not online.

Another good news is, unlike BlackBerry Messenger, with Ping you don’t need to pay monthly fee.

Download Ping Free (Currently)

You can download this iPhone Messenger named Ping at

Wanna see some video demo about this Ping! Look at Youtube video posted it by iPhoneXpert below: