Is Whatsapp Free? No, it isn’t

After the dawn of Yahoo Messenger Chat Room, the new era of Chatting and Instant Messaging change to Mobile Messenger. One of the most popular client at this time (by 2013) is Whatsapp Mobile Messenger. What make this Mobile IM Client so popular is its ability to synchronize the mobile number as its username and all the contacts will be added automatically as Whatsapp’s friendslist. No need to create new username, no need to register: just need to enter the nickname or avatar (optional). Right now, Whatsapp claimed on having more than 100 million user.


Is Whatsapp Free?

On the beginning of the time when the Whatsapp still hadn’t many users, it’s free. I bet, most of you also knew that Whatsapp is free to use and to download. But that not the true story. Yes, right now, when you download and use the Whatsapp, it is free, but the “free condition” is only for 1 year. Yes only one years. After one year of usage, you must pay for 0.99USD to be able to continue on using this applications and service.

Is it worth on paying 1USD for Whatsapp?

The answer would be vary. It depend on the matter of “benefit”. If you use the Whatsapp as daily Messaging Service as a replacement of SMS (Short Message Service), or Voice Call, the 0.99USD isn’t a big deal compare to what you had paid if you use ordinary SMS or Voice. But in case you don’t use the Whatsapp as your daily or weekly communication or conversation with your friends or family, and you had another alternative Mobile Messaging Service (for example LINE, Skype, GTalk), you can save your $0.99 for another purpose.

The decision is up to you.