YmTiny Yamee – Yahoo Messenger Mobile Phone Chat Client

[It seems that yamee and ymtiny not work anymore, try to use Nefanasa for your yahoo messenger for mobile phone] There are several ways to use Yahoo Messenger from Mobile Phone. First, We can use Multi Protocol Mobile Messenger or All in One Mobile Phone such as shMessenger, eBuddy, or Mig33. We can also use our wap browser to chat in Yahoo Messenger and then type in the address box of the mobile browser the address of mobile.yahoo.com. Then just go to Messenger feature and you can chat in there. Third, just install Yahoo Go in your mobile phone and then chat using Yahoo Messenger from there. Fourth, You can use Yahoo Messenger Mobile Chat Client such as YmTiny or Yamee.


YmTiny is an application base on Java  for Mobile Phone for Instant Messenger of Yahoo Messenger. In other words, YmTiny is Yahoo Messenger application for Mobile Phone, that will connects directly to Yahoo Server to make a chat in Mobile Phone or Hand Phone. YmTiny Supports smiley Yahoo Emoticons.

Free Download YmTiny

You can download YmTiny here. Its freeware software, so don’t worry about get it free.


Yamee is another 3rd Party of Yahoo Messenger Mobile Hand Phone Chat Client. Its work in Java. Just like YmTiny, Yamee also has several features, such as Smiley, Buddy List, Sound Message Allert and many more. It also built to connect to Yahoo Server to make an Instant Messenger. Like we said above, this only work with Yahoo Messenger, not for MSN or AIM.

Free Download Yamee

Yamee Mobile Yahoo Messenger Client is freeware software. You can download it here.

Compatibility with Mobile Phone

As long as we understand, Yamee and YmTiny support any kind of Mobile Phone that has a Java Mobile Environment. Below the list of Mobile Phone that might be supports Yamee and YmTiny:

  • Dopod: Dopod P800W
  • LG: LG KG320
  • Motorola: Motorola E398, Motorola L6, Motorola ROKR E1, Motorola ROKR E2
  • Nokia: Nokia 2630, Nokia 2865, Nokia 3155 (CDMA), Nokia 3250, Nokia 3230, Nokia 5300, Nokia 6233, Nokia 6235 (CDMA), Nokia 6280, Nokia 6300, Nokia 6600 black, Nokia 6630, Nokia 7210, Nokia E61, Nokia N70
  • Samsung: Samsung E590, Samsung Z370
  • Siemens: Siemens S65
  • Sony Ericsson: Sony Ericsson K300i, Sony Ericsson K508i, Sony Ericsson K510i, Sony Ericsson K550i, Sony Ericsson K610i, Sony Ericsson K618, Sony Ericsson K750i, Sony Ericsson W200i, Sony Ericsson W550, Sony Ericsson W800i, Sony Ericsson W810, Sony Ericsson W850, Sony Ericsson W880i, Sony Ericsson W950i, Sony Ericsson Z558i