AYTTM – Universal Instant Messaging Client Multi Chat Client for Linux BSD Windows NT /2000

Ayttm is Instant Messaging Client that created to use in Linux Operating System (though it’s also works in BSD and Windows NT or Windows 2000) that can connect to multiple Messenger Services such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger aka Windows Live Messenger, Jabber (should be OK in GTalk), IRC aka Internet Relay chat, AIM aka AOL IM, and also ICQ.

Features available in Ayttm Universal Chat Client

You can make file transfer between Ayttm client with any protocol, group chat logging, sound, auto join chat room, chat logg, theme changing, status indicator, and more.

For MSN or Yahoo users, you can also make file transfer between them, make conference room with AIM, JAbber, MSN or Yahoo User, and especially for Yahoo Messenger ayttm supports webcam viewer.

By using Babelfish you can also make automatic translation in Ayttm, importing buddy list from gaim (pidgin) and other, Spell checker also available.

Download Ayttm

If you interested with this Multi Portocol client you can visit the download page of Ayttm at: (copy paste the url address below to your web browser)


Website: ayttm.sourceforge.net
License: should be Open Source / Free