Chat from Ping iPhone to BBM BlackBerry Messenger

Someone ask me, is it possible to make connection (chat) from Ping! iPhone to BlackBerry Messenger, just like we can chat from Yahoo Messenger to Windows Live Messenger? Of course the answer is yes, the possibility is high. Unfortunately, until this time, that action can’t not be done. It depend on iPhone developer (Apple) and BBM Builder (RIM). If they do some cooperation (works together) to make it happen, we can make a chat from iphone messenger Ping to BBM. It depend on them.

BBM is unique client that only capable to use to chat from Blackberry to Blackberry, and Ping either: only able to chat / conference from BlackBerry to BlackBerry.

The only way we can chat from our iphone to blackberry is using popular messenger service that can be installed the client in both of them. For example, we can use Gtalk client for iPhone and Gtalk for Blackberry. Than we can use google account to chat from iphone to blackberry. Then, you can chat, make conference from BlackBerry to iPhone or share file, voice chat an others using it. You can also use another Protocol such as Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM or IRC and other. Just like that.