Palringo – All in One Messenger for Mobile n Desktop with Map Location

Palringo is chat client that supports several Instant Messaging services such as FaceBook Chat, Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger), AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo Messenger (YM), Gadu Gadu (GG), Jabber, iChat, Tencent QQ, ICQ, CMPP, and Google Talk (GTalk) at One. That Means Palringo is a kind of MultiProtocol Messenger. Palringo designed to work with Mobile Phone or SmartPhone (such as iPhone) and also in Computer Desktop (Windows Platform and Apple Mac OSX).

The cool features available in Palringo is the ability to use Google Map inside of the chat client. That means we can located or position in Google Map and find the exactly the location of us simultaneously. We can also inform our location to our friend that we choose or to all of our buddy. Chat Room also available!

Download Palringo and Palringo for iPhone

You can download Palrigo here. And if you want to download Palringo for iPhone you can visit and download it from iPhone Store here.