qutIM – Free Open Source Multi Instant Messenger Client – IRC GTalk ICQ LiveJournal

qutIM run well in Windows Platform (XP, Vista, 2000) and also on Linux Systems. qutIM can connect to several Instant Messenger Protocol such as Google Talk / Jabber / Gtalk, ICQ, IRC, and also for Live Journal.com and Mail.Ru (this just complementary features in qutIM). You can even use this qutIM Multi Protocol Client to connect to VKontakte.ru , Twitter, like we said before GTalk Jabber is working in XMPP. Open Source license is under GNU General Public License, that allow you to download the source code and modified them by yourself.

As long as we knew qutIM written base on C++ wit Qt 4.4. You can also download the unofficial platform such as qutIM for Mac OSX, Debian GNU Linusk, SUSE Linux, Mandriva Linux and others platform of Operating System.

Features of qutIM: ICQ Protocol X statuses, Anti Spam Filter, Multiple Account, File Sharing Transfer, Avatar, Skin, Emoticons Animation Smileys, Theme, Conference Room, Plugin, Contact List and more.

Download qutIM: Download qutIM for ICQ Client | Download Full qutIM | Download Source Code

Folk of qutIM: there is one of folk of qutim that design to be simplified and minimalist, called as k8qutIM.

Website: www.qutim.org