Webcam Chat in eBuddy – Video Chat

eBuddy Multi Protocol Web Messenger now available in Webcam Chat Option. That means right now, we can use our Webcam to chat with our friends using eBuddy Messenger. This almost like we use Meebo webcam or Yahoo Messenger Webcam. All we need to do just click the webcam icon in Instant Message Windows and start using Video Chat.

Webcam on eBuddy

We are thrilled to announce that we now support webcam conversations. eBuddy has partnered with TokBox, the super simple Web service for video chat and video email. Now you can have webcam chats with all your friends to see what they are up to or what that new haircut really looks like. ;-)

It’s extremely easy to get started:
Simply open a chat, click the webcam button and you are ready to go! It doesn’t matter if your friends are on eBuddy, MSN, Yahoo! or Facebook; you will always be able to start a webcam session with them. All you need is a webcam!

Read More about this eBuddy Webcam in the official blog of eBuddy here.