My Facebook Ticker is Gone! – How to Disable / Remove and Block it (TIMELINE)!

Remember what I wrote before about FB Ticker? Finally, I was able to figure out how you can kick the Ticker stream status / notification of Facebook (Facebook Ticker, at list hide it somewhere to the hell :D ). Now, I glad that I’m not a stalker anymore. How to do this? Here is the simple tutorial to disable or remove FB Ticker.

Note: some of facebook users also name it this ticker as TIMELINE. Might be because it would update like a stream continuously without an end in every second.

Please use Google Chrome, or other Chromium Browser such as Comodo Browser (at this tutorial we used Comodo Browser as Chromium base browser). If you don’t have it, just download and install one of them. Here are the steps you had to follow:
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Although this is seems to be a bad news, that according to, we had to say good bye to Yahoo Web Messenger at by November 1, 2011. So prepare for your self. Yet, this farewell of Yahoo Messenger on the “Web” is not actually the death of YM Web Messenger in the term that you no longer able to access your YM via web browser. It because you still able to chat with your friends through Yahoo Messenger in Yahoo Mail, or even uses another third party Yahoo Messenger like or

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[Ask] How to Remove Facebook Ticker Sidebar?

Facebook Remove Ticker

Since the changed being applied on Facebook, and especially the new existence of Facebook Ticker that would allow you to stream what your friend “just do” like he commented blablaba, likes blablabla, now friends with blablabla, she tagged on photo’s blablabla and even wrote post in blablabla (I rather called Sidebar Friends Stream Activity Peeping, or rather like to call as Sidebar Stream Stalker). That getting me sucked and tired. It just make me like a stalker?
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Y!Tunnel Pro now available in Free Version

Actually, we been informed by Chet Simpson (seem to be the developer of Y!Tunnel Pro), that on July 13, YTunnel Pro had a free version that ready to be used for anyone in non commercial usage. We had already mentioned before that we do not share about YTunnel due to this “extension advanced Yahoo Messenger Client” is not available for free, but right now, the owners seems to changed their mind.

YTunnel Pro Free Version

Just wanted to give you a heads up, a new major release of Y!TunnelPro is
now available and it is now free. The new version 2.6 is currently in beta
(V2.5 is our current stable release) and provides support for Messenger 11.
A new version containing some critical improvements will be made available
this weekend.

Chet Simpson

Why we do not write this article on the day we got news that Y Tunnel was free? It because we need to re-assured that this “free version” of Y!Tunnel is not “merely” a short period promotion (a kind of advertisement).

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Facebook Chat Group Gone / Disappear – Why n How to Getting it back

If you are the owners / admin of a Group in Facebook, you must noticed that in the beginning you gather your friends to your group, and the members begin to crumble, then you shocked, suddenly the Facebook Chat Group feature in your group disappeared. Whether you try to find the feature by reloading your browser, log in and log out, the result would be the same. Yup, your group on Facebook no longer had Facebook Group chat feature.

Why this is happen?

Facebook Chat Group Disappear Gone Get Back

The answer is simple. The larger your member on your group, and many of your members try to use Facebook Chat Group, the server of Facebook would began to work harder and harder. If this not been handled or manage, might be your never be able to use Facebook Chat anymore, not only in Facebook Chat Group, but also in your Person to Person, PM to PM, IM to IM Facebook Chat feature.

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Get Back to Old Facebook Chat Layout – Disable FB New Chat Look (Pop Out)

Do you get bored on using New Facebook Chat Layout which make your screen – on the right side, seem to be full and your cannot edit or group your friends and make you hard to find your dear friend that you wanna make a chat. Here is the simple trick that you can use to get back your old Facebook Chat Layout and make your FB New Chat Look is “disable” (not in real meaning though):
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Google+ Cheat Sheet Keyboard Shortcut HotKeys Tips Tricks

After sharing how you can bold, italic and Strikethrough on Stream or Comment of Google+ (Google Plus), we found another tips and tricks that been called as Google+ Cheat Sheet. We don’t wanna talk more, you can see how you can use Hotkeys, prevent people sharing, knowing that you can use the circle like you following people in twitter, or you can add photos, videos and links jut by drag and drop the links to the share box. Here the complete of this tricks can be read on the image below. [Read more…]

Using Bold Italic Strikethrough Letter in Google+ Stream & Comment

We just found an interesting features which supported in Google+ Stream and also Google+ Comment form, just exactly like the way you can use it in Google Talk or in Facebook Chat. It is the ability to make Bold letter, Italic and also Strikethrough just like you type in Microsoft Word or other Message Editor such as LibreOffice or Open Office. Here are the tricks and steps that you had to follows in order to do that
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