YHook Chat Client Download and Review

YHook LogoYHook chat client is another 3rd Party Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger. Some of the user of Y!Hook said that this chat client is IE and Java based yahoo 3rd Party Chat client with many good features. Unfortunately, We do not have much experience in using YHook chat client. YHook words may derive from the abbreviation of Yahoo Hook or Yahoo Messenger Hook.

Issue Relating YHook

According one of the users in viprasys, he said that there is a suspicious claim from YHook creator that he (the builder of YHook) can inject the script in YHook that can be marked as Trojan. On the contrary, some of user that have experiences using YHook as their main chat client, said in their testimony that YHook is a safe and very good chat client. So, its up to you to decided whether you’ll use YHook or not.

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Make Create Invisible Status Yahoo Messenger

Image and video hosting by TinyPicWe knew that Yahoo Messenger has a facility to make our ID set to be Offline when actually we are in online mode. This feature usually calls as Invisible Status. The aims of Invisible Status Feature in Yahoo Messenger is to make our ID no able to be known by others user if we are online (login in Yahoo Messenger). Therefore, they who didn’t know that we are online, not bother or take any action to us. In other case, If we do not want to be bothered by someone else, we can make our self disappear from chat.

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Invisible Blank Nickname in Chat Room Yahoo Messenger

Update on November 2010: Yahoo Messenger Nickname no longer available

Understanding Invisible Nickname: Invisible nickname of Yahoo Messenger is a kind of trick that will make Nickname of Yahoo Username ID disappear or remain as a blank empty. This kind of trick usually use in Chat Room. For further understanding what look like of Invisible nickname is, just read my explanation and picture that We’ll give you below.

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Create Change Nickname Yahoo Messenger

[Update on November 2010: Yahoo Messenger Nickname no longer available

Updated: Try to use what Melody said in her comment to change your Yahoo Nickname. Note: Yahoo closed down the ways we can change our nickname, if you have a nickname that been edited or changed in the past before yahoo has closed down the edit profile and nickname, you still able to use it in chat room: ASCII or Invisible Nickname]

Nickname almost like a call’s name. In the messenger service, especially in Yahoo! Messenger, nickname is like your called name. Nickname can be changed as many as you wish. There are no limitation of changing your nickname. In chat room (if you using official chat client of YM), your nickname will appear in the talk chat room, only by clicking your nickname or hovering the mouse on the nickname your real identities (username or ID) can be seen by others. In Instant Messenger, in Messenger List, nickname represent the name of yours!

Remember in Messenger List of your friends, your nickname not in your controls. Your friend can change the nickname of yours whatever and whenever they want to.

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Public ID, Alias ID, Secondary Account Yahoo Messenger

Image and video hosting by TinyPicWhen you first time created a Yahoo! (Messenger) account, actually you created the default account or primary account or main account of Yahoo! Messenger. For newbie, they may be not understand that beside the main account or main ID of YM, they can also create the secondary account or secondary ID. That’s can also be named as Alias ID or Secondary Public ID.

What is Public IDs?

Public IDs is an account that can be used just like the main / default / primary account. It can be used to join Yahoo Messenger and also can make a chat with the public IDs. You can create Public IDs up to six 6 Public IDs that under your Main Yahoo ID. That means you have another ID beside of you main account of yahoo. These secondary ID or ID’s under or alias ID is like you duplicate identity. You don’t even need to register or create another account of yahoo messenger to make those duplicate identities. All you have to do just create New Public ID under your main ID of Yahoo.

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Multi ID, Polygamy ID, Multiple Instances User Yahoo Messenger 10 9 8

Yahoo Messenger iconIf you ever faced user chat or people who can join in one of chat room of yahoo messenger with 2 or 3 or more ID, and in fact, they also can type with all of those ID or username, you had been seeing the person who use Multi ID. Multi ID is a kind of activity that use 2 or more ID in Yahoo Messenger or others messenger service at once. That Means Multi ID or Multiple ID will makes the user can join yahoo messenger with multiple ID that they had. Of course, they can join chat room of yahoo messenger with all of their ID that been log in. They can join in one chat room with 3 ID, 4 ID or even more. It’s unlimited!

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YCabby yvwrctl.cab yacscom.cab yuplapp.cab

Image and video hosting by TinyPicYCabby is application that will help us to download 3 major of cab files and install its automatically. Those 3 cab files was a file that need to be installed in the Operating System to support another applications relating of yahoo messenger software. YCabby consists of yvwrctl.cab (yvwrctl.dll), yacscom.cab (yacscom.dll), and yuplapp.cab (yuplapp.dll) files. Those 3 cab files will be needed by applications such as chat client of yahoo messenger in the purpose of running voice or webcam. YIntai, YahElite, and even official chat client of yahoo messenger, need all those 3 cab files. If its did not install in your computer, the application will not work. In YIntai, usually will make an error like “no such interface supported”, and for YahElite, the webcam viewer and YahSee and YahVox not work properly. YCabby is created and developed by David J. Binette, that also create YahElite chat client.

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Sharp IP Getter Find Yahoo Messenger Internet Protocol

Image and video hosting by TinyPicSharp IP Getter is an application that has a purpose to find Internet Protocol of Yahoo Messenger through Instant Message Service. Whenever you chat with people in Yahoo Messenger Private Message or Instant Message, Sharp IP Getter will help you to find the real IP address of the current people or user that being chat with you. Sharp IP (Internet Protocol) Getter was developed and created by Www.Sharp-Soft.Net.

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