SILC – High Secure Internet Live Conferencing

If you are has expert in Messenger Services, you may noticed or understand that using Yahoo Messenger or others Services that has Conference Feature (Conference Room and others) is very un-secure if you use Public Networks to connect with it. It because the Messages that sent to the internet was un-encrypted. That’s why any Networks “master” or “cracker” can spy the messages that you send or received.

By using small program, all the conference messages would be able to spy, for example in Yahoo Messenger you can use YSniff. To handle this kind of situation, you may need a higher security to make conference with your partners or friends. Personally, I suggest you to use SILC : Secure Internet Live Conferencing –  if you want to make conferences call, voice , video or message with others.

SILC – High Secure Internet Live Conferencing

I wouldn’t said anything more  about SILC  just read the quote from below:

Secure Internet Live Conferencing, or SILC in short, is a modern conferencing protocol which provides rich conferencing features with high security. One of the main design principles of the protocol was security. Many of the SILC features are found in traditional chat protocols such as IRC but many of the SILC features can also be found in Instant Message (IM) style protocols.

SILC combines features from both of these chat protocol styles, and can be implemented as either IRC-like system or IM-like system. In fact, SILC removes the need to make such distinction between these two protocol styles. Some of the more advanced and security features of the protocol are new to all conferencing protocols. SILC also supports multimedia messages and can also be implemented as a video and audio conferencing system.

Download SILC

If you want to download SILC client, server or toolkit just visit here:

SIL Client
SILC Servers
SILC ToolKit

For others SILC Client you can also try Multimedia SILC client.

Dowload MILC – Multimedia SILC Client