Google Translator in Skype (Add On Free Download)

Now every-time you want to translate any chat message while you are in “chatting mode” in Skype, you can use Google Translator. Yes right know you can use Google Translator along with your Skype Messenger by using Google Translator Add On for Skype.

That means, you can chat with the stranger without worried that you can’t understand their language. The Translating process is pretty fast that you’ll make fast converting. You can chat with different people from different language and country. As we knew, Google Translator supports almost 20 different language all around the world.

This Add-On Skype Google Translator would translate the “content” of the message in Skype. There would be a new tab open when the skype user translated the messages. When the new tab window open there is an option whether the message would be directly translating or not.

We should inform you that this add on is Third Party Add on of Skype. That means it developed unofficially.

Download Skype Google Translator Add On

This Add on only works for Windows operating system and requires .NET Framework 2.0. You can download the add on here (recommended). Alternatively you can also view the download page at here. Enjoy